When we experience difficulties in our lives, we should not view this as negative. See it as a navigational tool, an opportunity to rethink our priorities-God is steering us in a different direction in our lives. It’s up to us to recognize it for what it is.

As the song writer states: God raised me up to walk on stormy seas I am strong when I’m on God’s shoulder.

“Going with the flow” can lead us to believe we’re stronger than we are. When life is easy, our minds tell us that it’s due to our own strength. We become proud and self-confident. But when trouble hits, we realize how helpless we are. When we become self-sufficient we become proud and think we do not need God, until the enemy attacks, then we realize how powerless we are without God’s help; Be grateful to God and lean on his strength.

Focusing on God helps us to take our eyes off our circumstances. We all experience storms- persecutions, financial troubles, illness, disappointments, loneliness-and though it’s not always possible to prevent them; nevertheless, God promised never to leave us nor forsake us. He will keep us calm in the storm.  Even when we don’t understand why things happen as they do, we  trust God. In moments like this, ask him to comfort  our hearts and remind us of his goodness  and love.

Be strong my fellow Dominicans and all the other Caribbean islands affected by the recent disaster in the Region. God is in control and we are  all ‘our brother’s keeper’

We are a resilient people and we will bounce back.

Peace In The Midst Of The Storm (2)


Dominica Map

Hurricane Maria As It Passed over Dominica

Maria 3days ago




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