Man’s greed and his insatiable desire for amassing wealth consumes every fiber of his being! There is a well known allegory of how a monkey gets trapped with a coconut -an opening wide enough for him to push his hand in and grab whatever bait is placed inside the hollowed shell but unable to pull free with a closed fist: He is so blinded by his Greed, he fails to realize he can secure his freedom by simply opening his hand and letting go of whatever he was holding unto.
Similarly, in his quest for power and all the trappings that come with it, man finds his attachment to the perks too great a draw and will sacrifice everything to hold on to what he perceive as absolute power and will seek to maintain control at any cost. So the question is: What is in your Coconut that have you holding on so tightly that nothing or no one could get you to let go and possibly free yourself and avoid being captured. Just as in the case of the monkey, even when the hunter approaches he will still try to grab what’s inside and risk getting caught instead of forfeiting it all in lieu of his freedom. Unless you are content to be that silly monkey; isn’t time you let go? No title is worth sacrificing ones life, true happiness and peace of mind.
~~~DMC~~~monkey 2


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