Another attack on Serena by Male Tennis Professional

Another attack on Serena with a misogynistic undertone. Made by John McEnroe which can only be described as downright disrespectful and dismissive! Someone back in 1981 who was so furious with the Wimbledon umpire refusal to rule his serve.Never before seen. When the Williams Sisters emerged as a force to be reckon with, they took Wimbledon by storm and changed women Tennis game for ever.Some call Serena Williams the Greatest female tennis player of all time!. It’s this statement McEnroe took issue with and which prompted the misogynistic remark.
No doubt Serena will respond in the same dignified manner when the racial remarks directed at her unborn baby was made by llie Nastase former professional tennis player back in April.
“Does my sassiness upset you? …you may shoot me with your words…your hatefulness, but still like air , I Rise!”
To this I add : People only rain on your parade because they are jealous of your Sun and Tired of Their Shade!

serena 3serena 4serena-williams-radiant


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