Democracy under siege


  1. We would  have simply lost our moral fibre as a nation, if we stand by and allow this level of pervasive behavior by a leader to destroy the very fabric of our democracy.
  2. *This far reaching abuse of power must stop!
  3. *Inflicting poverty on a people and reducing
    them to a nation of beggars in order to control
    and manipulate the masses.
  4. *Mismanagement of state funds via CBI Program
    and distribute as his own personal source of revenue.
  5. *The exploitation of the indigenous people of our land
    and call it integration
  6. *Lawlessness has run amok as those in leadership continue to violate all sorts of laws: corrupt the court system and have their misdeeds go unpunished
  7. *Then when the upright citizens call foul; those committing these egregious wrongs seek to pass legislation in an attempt to legalize #BRIBERY! WHAT’S NEXT!
  8. This simply can’t be allowed! It’s time Dominicans take a stand. Tell Skerrit not on our watch. Not this time not going let this happen!…/House-of-Assembly-Amendment-Bi…Image may contain: text

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