This Account of the #NegMaroons was timely and in sync with events leading to this defining moment in the most recent Chapter of Dominica History.
For those who seem not to appreciate our Freedom, Dr.Thomson Fontaine Account of that ‘dark period’ of our History should give us all; pause for thought.. anyone listening could hear the catch in his voice as he narrated. When you think of the horrific and harrowing experience our ancestors endured and the… brutal deaths of others, we should be fighting to keep our Freedom and Fundamental rights from being snatched away, by those who seemingly appears the same outwardly; but lack  the testicular fortitude: characteristics of our brave and courageous ancestor who sacrificed so much for our very existence.
We must reject any attempts by these spineless and ruthless individuals trying to take us back to a time of unspeakable evil. This period should only be revisited for reflection and introspection to make us a kinder and stronger people. May the Spirit of The #NegMaroons  live on in every hamlet , village, mountain, valleys and plains as they whisper to us in the winds of change. Rise up Dominica!
Thank you Dr.Thomson Fontaine.


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